Eden Spa

About the Eden Health Club & Spa

Designed to the highest standards for its members, hotel residents and day spa guests, Eden Spa & Health Club Llanelli is a place to relax, exercise and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our hydro facilities in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Eden Spa health club is located nearby at our sister hotel the BEST WESTERN Diplomat Hotel and Spa and offers the following facilities:

  • Pool - A indoor swimming pool 27-29 degrees C with side access steps
  • Sauna - A 3m x 2m cabin made from Swedish pine with temperatures between 80-90 degrees C giving a hot, dry environment with low humidity.An excellent means of eliminating toxins from the body through perspiration leaving muscles and skin feeling relaxed and cleansed.
  • Steam Room - A stunning 3m x 2m cabin with beautiful dark blue mosaic tiles. Heated between 43-46 degrees C with 100% humidity, the steam room aides circulation and relaxation of tense muscles. The steam is also infused with herb extracts to give a pleasant and cleansing aroma.
  • Hydro Spa - A heated jacuzzi with pressure bubbles, to help relax and unwind tence muscles, Heated between 37-40 degrees C, perfect to chill after a hard day.
  • Day Spa - There are 2 beautifully appointed treatment rooms at Eden Spa offering a wide range of treatments.
  • Eden Spa Lounge - A relaxing area with luxurious and comfortable furnishings including sofas and easy chairs and a juice bar serving fresh fruit juice,smoothies, coffee, teas and snacks.
  • Cardiovascular - State of the art Cardio equipment, including Treadmills, Cross-Trainers, Rowers, Bikes and Summit Trainers. Perfect to get the heart pumping and muscles working.
  • Resistance - Our machines are a ciruit training range, ideal for muscle toning and shape building. Have a full body workout with our full range of equipment.
  • Free Weights & Kettelbells - With dumbbells ranging from 2kg-30kg and Kettlebells from 2kg-20kg, you can have a fantastic workout in our free weight area.
  • Core/Flexibility - A fully matted area to improve your core strength as well as relax and have some final stretches at the end of your workout

A range of spa treatments are also available to pre book at Eden Spa, which need to be booked direct with Eden Spa on Tel 01554 756156


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